dancing for fun in Dulwich since 1996

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a faster way to improve your dancing skills.

Many people have a regular lesson maybe once or twice a month to keep up with the class routines 

or maybe to learn a new dance not being covered in class.

The lessons take place before and after the classes Monday to Thursday and during the day on Saturdays.

Why not give private lessons a go, and see how much more you can learn.

to book a private lesson contact Peter

[email protected]

020 8771 4650

07946 596770

Private Lesson charges                               

½ hour £27.50                                                      

¾ hour £41.00                                                      

  1 hour £55.00                                                       

please note:  24 hours notice must be given for all cancellations, otherwise they will be charged for.